About Me

How It All Started

I found yoga in my early twenties, at a time when I felt directionless, lost, and without purpose. It set me on a positive path of self-connection and joyfulness that I felt compelled to share its benefits with my community!

I believe in the application of yoga to our everyday lives. Yoga can be something that will teach you – or rather remind you – how to live productively, by unlocking ideas and creativity. Through the yoga practice you learn to trust your body and your inner wisdom. Helping you move from a place of inherent trust.

I completed my yoga training in 2008/09 in Byron Bay, Australia. Although I remember with joy the radical experience I had amongst the yogic community there, my heart belongs to vibrant, creative West Cork. I live in Bantry with my three children, in gratitude.

My Yoga Style

May you have clarity of thought, truth in speech, love and peace and kindness in your heart

The style of yoga I teach is called Purna Yoga: a holistic approach that integrates the breath while moving through moves with care and awareness. Purna is about building on strengths and embracing weaknesses.


I encourage a constant flow of movement and breath in my classes, through a special focus on alignment and the sequencing of poses. I respond to the unique dynamic of each class and believe strongly that my students are my teachers.

Trust In Your Truth

When we trust in ourselves, we discover our own truth, because the truth is already within each one of us. When we learn to trust our body we can then begin to hear our truth.

A huge part of this is about showing up for yourself and reminding yourself that you are worth showing up for!

In practical terms, this is all about following your own flow in my classes and learning to listen to your body.

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The Gift Of The Breath

The breath is the foundation of our practice and is at the heart of most yoga practices. But there is more to it. Our breath symbolises life and it’s sacredness.

When we connect with our breath we connect with the miracle that is being alive. When we can connect to that wonder and fascination of life we can move through life with a fresh perspective. And playfulness and humour will find space to grow

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Service and Sangha (community) is deeply important to me. My ultimate goal is to bring ‘softness into the heart of every home’. Yoga represents practices not only on the mat but also off the mat in our daily lives. When we are living with more trust and playfulness, clarity and groundedness we can bring that to our family, friends, colleagues and strangers. Yoga is an INCLUSIVE practice and has value for everyone.

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The Pillars of Bantry Yoga

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